Why Your Business Should Use Guest Blogging to Avoid Penguin 2.1

Penguin 2.1, more popularly known as the spam-filtering algorithm, recently hit the worldwide web. Use Guest Blogging is best way for avoid penguin 2.1.Many small time blogs and websites have suffered from this update since instead of gaining the traffic they need, their content was considered as spam. As they say, Search Engine Optimization became harder because of Penguin 2.1.But, there are still some ways on how you can advertise your brand and one of which is through guest posting. Here is why your business should use guest blogging to avoid Penguin 2.1:

Why Your Business Should Use Guest Blogging to Avoid Penguin 2.1

Use Guest Blogging

  • Instead of peppering posts with links and keywords, guest posting is merely a simple way of writing content but putting that content into someone else’s blog. That is advertising in itself and yet, it’s not hardcore selling or advertising because someone actually writes the content that will be published and that content is a simple kind of article only.
  • It generates traffic. Google will not consider your blog as spam worthy if it actually is able to generate good traffic by getting views from real people and from high quality sites.
  • You can share the links to social networking sites. Mostly everyone these days has an account in a social networking site such as Twitter or Facebook. If you share the link to someone’s guest post on your blog to your social media accounts then chances are, people will click on it and check it out. This is better than creating advertising related accounts that no one actually wants to follow because mostly everyone does not like hardcore selling.
  • Guest posts mostly contain high quality content. Because putting links and other hardcore selling methods will just make anyone look like an amateur, guest posts are mostly well written and well edited and that is why it is a good way of getting the public’s attention.
  • Basically, guest posting is the safest, most credible way of advertising. It is actually accepted by many experts these days as a concrete way of advertising without being considered as spam.

By guest posting on other blogs, or allowing others to guest-post on your blog, you are able to carve your own name in the industry. Guest Posting is one of the ways to beat Penguin 2.1 and ensure good traffic for your blog. It’s easy and it’s fuss-free. Try it now and see how much of a difference it will make for you and your blog. It will be good for you.

Contribute by – Alisia Gomez is an Online Consultant for use Guest Blogging. Alisia likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation Guest Blogging.

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