Top 3 Blogging Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Blogging isn’t just about posting content. It’s lot more than that. Unfortunately, irrespective of so much being said about the power and importance of blogging many people still lack the knowledge – or let’s say nuts and bolts of writing a blog that could make their blog a success. Many novice bloggers without understanding about the blogging essentials, progress to writing blogs and eventually make Blogging mistakes that silently kill their blog – reduces the blog’s reputation and growth.

Top 3 Blogging Mistakes That You Must Avoid


Here are three Blogging mistakes that are too characteristic of bloggers – novices and experienced ones:

Posting Irrelevant Content

Posting content that is irrelevant and promotional is generally of no use to your target audience, and can lead to the declination of your blog. Thus, before proceeding further with writing your blog posts the most important thing is to decide who your target audience is. Well, you just can’t write a post for a travel website when your blog aims at providing knowledge about entertainment stuff.

But that’s not it! Other gaffe that a lot of bloggers make is copy-pasting the content from blogs scattered over the web. Besides, it could lower your blog ranking on the SERPs (search engine pages) and will also tarnish your image in the eyes of your readers.

Here, I’m not saying that you can’t take an idea from a blog but you need to avoid using the same content into your blog post. Did you like a blog or an article? Do you want to use the same concept as discussed in the blog or article that you like? Just understand the concept and idea behind the content and then rewrite it in a unique and more interesting manner. This will eventually make people subscribe to your blog.

Design Blogging mistakes

Often a lot of bloggers have a misconception that making their blog page visually alluring can bring them good visitors. Well, I’ll say it doesn’t! To some extent your blog page design does matter, but adding too much vibrant colors lends childish vibe to a lot of readers, especially the expert ones.

What else? Often bloggers add a lot of sidebar to their blog pages which can resort to turning it to non-responsive design. Well, I could recall my own experience when I visited one blog page and incidentally clicked on a sidebar. A window popped-up but I couldn’t find a way to go back to the page that I was reading. This isn’t the end! If you have added flashy images, or ones that on expanding block the content posted in your blog, or in any other way that compels your reader to hit it off the “close” button, that’s frustrating.

Remember, annoying your reader in just any way can put a negative impact on your blog’s reputation. My advice would be to purge out any element of your site that could make your readers drive mad!

Posting Once in a Bluemoon!

Often when a blog becomes successful, bloggers don’t give much emphasis to regularly posting content in the blog. But with dozens of bloggers entering into the blogosphere, it is significant to make frequent updates to your posts. Even though, your blog has tasted success, it might wind up becoming the less preferable in the eyes of your readers. What’s more, search engines crawlers looks for a site that posts engaging and fresh content. So, if you want your blog to rank higher it is imperative to post regular content to your posts.

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A lot of bloggers often stop posting content or don’t generally update the content as they begin to feel that they are not earning in accordance to the amount of hard work or efforts they’re putting in! But that’s wrong! Remember, blogging is not just about earning money it is your passion to share your thoughts. A blogger is different from any website writer, as he doesn’t writes to promote the services, but writes as blogging is his passion.

So, do you wish to start your own blog and are baffled with the thought of not making it to top page of search engines? Then I’ll recommend you to walk through the above mentioned three blogging mistakes that you must avoid! just go for Avoid all Blogging mistakes we are mention in this article.

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