4 Truths You Need to Know About Writing Industry

A lot of newbie writers nowadays think that their craft is their ticket to fame and glory. Writing Industry is very large this time. They rush in, eyes full of hope and hands itching to make the masterpiece that would earn them the chance to be under the spotlight. If you’re one of those dreamers then erase those thoughts right now! The writing industry is far from being made up of rainbows and butterflies. Ready yourself for a harsh reckoning because you’ll to need it!

Writing industry

The writing industry will test your patience, determination and open-mindedness. Lacking in those three departments will spell trouble for you, regardless of how skilled you are. The following are some of the truths that newbies like you needs to be aware of before chasing your dreams. Remember them well lest you wish to regret spending time pursuing something you thought you knew or liked.

4 Truths You Need to Know About Writing Industry

Being rejected is a part of the process

Millions of people could have missed the chance to be introduced to the “boy who lived” if J. K. Rowling gave up on her dreams after being rejected a couple of times. Grow a thick skin if you want survive in the world of writing. You’re going to be rejected one way or another. Are you giving up after hitting that wall or are you going to break it down with your sledgehammer of perseverance and dreams? The choice is always yours!

Dealing with rejection won’t be easy. In fact, it may very well be the reason why you’ll choose to abandon your writing aspirations. However, you also need to realize that there’s a spot for the truly dedicated in this line of work

Be prepared to meet your haters

You’ll be surprised at the amount of people who will do their best to ruin you, both online and offline. Trolls and haters are part of the package when you venture the world of writing. People will simply work together to bring you down. Though there are some who will let you off easy, there will also be some instances when you’ll be followed around by readers who only wish to see your demise.

According to www.superiorpapers.com, the best way to deal with those haters is to kill them with kindness. Don’t stoop on their level and throw curses via your keyboard. Instead, be open-minded and take their criticisms as constructively as you can. Use whatever is being thrown at you and build a bridge that leads to your dreams.

The pay is unbelievably small

Writing won’t get you rich within a month’s time. Heck, it might even take you years before you actually earn a decent paycheck. Thinking that this is your ticket to a better life will only do you more harm than good. You’re better off finding another career to pursue for they can offer faster results for your pocket.

Still, good things come to people who wait. Earn enough reputation in this industry and there’s a big tendency that jobs will be brought to your doorsteps.

You need to practice your proofreading skills now more than ever

Misspellings and grammatical errors make you a less credible writer. In case you’re one of those fellows who sees proofreading as extra work then by all means, quit now! You won’t get anywhere unless you learn how to proofread your work. A simple comma could change the meaning of your whole sentence which destroys the overall beauty of your brainchild.

In addition to that, editors often target people who don’t proofread their work. Your final paper is the representation of your skills and knowledge. Take for granted the little details and you have the perfect formula for self-sabotage.

The world of writing Industry is going to ask a lot from you. It’s up to you whether or not you’ll take the challenge. Now ask yourself this simple question, “Do I have what it takes?”

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